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SKWH Horizontal Chemical Pump

SKWH Horizontal Chemical Pump

The horizontal centrifugal pump is a direct coupled pump without coupling, single stage single end suction water pump are designed by scientific and technical personnel of our company, who select the domestic excellent hydraulic model, are a new generation of high—efficiency and energy-saving products designed with the advanced hydraulic model in China


SKWH Horizontal chemical pumps are used to handle corrosive liquids similar to water in viscidity, but not containing solid particles. They are suitable for the industries of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and synthetic fiber etc. Service temperature shall be -20℃~120℃.

Design and features

      1.Compact horizontal structure and integrated body of motor and centrifugal pump to feature smart profile,lessened occupation area by 30%compared with the ordinary horizontal pumps.If provided with I P54 outdoor motors,this series of centrifugal pumps can be used outdoors,with no need of a pump room.
  2.Smooth operation,low noise and high concentricity of components。Motor and centrilfuhal pump are directly connected to simplify the intermediate structure and to increase operating smoothness.The impeller of the centrifugal pump given superior dynamic and static balance to effect Little vibration and low noise in operation,to lengthen the service life of bearings and to better the service conditions.
  3.Quality mechanical seal for shaft seal,both rotating and stationary seal rings made of hard alloy to feature wear leakage and long service life.
  4.Use of advanced hydraulic model to feature high efficiency and outstanding performance,etc.
  5.Distinctive structure,with water drain hole fitted at the lower part of pump body,and pressure holes at the inlet and outlet flanges,thus to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of pump.
  6.This series of horizontal centrifugal pumps are fitted with horizontal inlet and vertical upward outlets for the convenience of pipeline arrangement.




Working Principle:


Main applications:

Corrosive liquids / Chemical


Electric motor

Power Specs:

380/415 V 220v,3phase;50hz/60hz

Max. permissible fluid temperature:


Type of connection:


Installation position:


Casing/Impeller material:

Stainless steel/ Stainless steel

Shaft seal type:

Mechanical seal; Packing gland

Free passage:

0.2 mm

Maximum gravity:


Maximum drive rating:


Maximum caliber:

20 inch(500mm)

Maximum head:


Flow rate range:

1.5-1500 m3/h ( 25-25000 l /m)  

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