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KRL Rubber lobe pump

KRL Rubber lobe pump can be made of cast iron or stainless steel ,rotor covers with rubber ,suitable for wastewater,chemical,oil.etc industry.

Technical Detail

Capacity up :0.2~1.530 m3/h 
Pressure:0~ 3 Mpa
Max Viscosity : 10000 cp
Drive: Electric Motor,diesel engine, hydroturbine, hydraulic motor

Connection:Coupling.   Material: Cast Iron,Stainless steel


  • Compact construction,high performance in a compact design,taking less area than normal screw pump does (2/3~1/4 of which only)
  • Convenientin Maintenance in Place ,reduce the time of maintenance and downtime.No need to disasemble the piping or lift machine.. Replacement of wear parts in the blink of an eye, in-situ by service personnel.
  • Smooth pumping action.

Large bucket geometry and short passage through the pump provide a smooth transfer of the pumped fluid.

  • Can be used for delivery mixing gas,liquid,particle , big lumps,fibre,hair, and never be blocked.
  • Pump works in unrestricted reversible.
  • High capacity of self-priming,maximum at 8.5 meters.
  • With a Has a separated sealing cavity,keeping wetted,which makes short time running idle available when lacking medium.
  • Suitable for transfer differents medium, casing and rotor can be customized according to client’s request.
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